Friday, January 1, 2016

A Little of My Story

 Me, 1962, personal collection

This is very personal blog for me. It is my story but it is also my bio-genetic family story too. I am not really sure where I should start but I thought perhaps a little history might be a good place to start.

My story begins in Miami, Florida where I was born on July 21st.  I was given the name Kathleen Scarlet, by my birth mother, she was apparently a “Gone With the Wind” fan as I learned only a few years ago. I honestly don’t know which surname she used on my original birth certificate hers at that time or my birth fathers.

My birth mother and my adoptive mother were patients of the same obstetrician. When I was born, this obstetrician called my adoptive parents and asked if they would be interested in adopting a little girl who had been born that evening. They said yes, and the rest is history or rather it is my story.

I was lucky, I was never in a foster home or an orphanage. One week after my adoptive parents brought me home form the hospital I was baptized and by Thanksgiving of 1962, my adoption was finalized. Remember it was the early 1960’s and it seems that private adoptions moved rather quickly back then.

My adoptive parents were told that my birth mother could not afford to keep me and that she had two children from a previous marriage. They were told that she wanted me to go to a good home and preferably one that would provide a Christian upbringing. 

Growing up, my adoption was never a secret nor did it make any difference to my family or friends. As my Mom told me it was up to me to decide who I wanted to share that information with. Well, I am taking a big a leap and sharing my story with all of you.

I spent thirty years searching for my birth mother. I had more information on her than I did my birth father. It seemed logical to start with her at that point. In December of 2010 I made the decision that if I had not found my birth mother by the end of 2011, I would stop my search. 

Making this decision and realizing I may never know anything about bio-genetic family history was a difficult. I wasn't entirely sure that when the end of 2011 came I would stick to my decision. A lifetime of questions that would never be answered. I also knew that she would be in her late 70’s or early 80’s and time was running out.

In a very small nutshell here is what I do know from the "non-identifying" information I was given by the state of Florida. At the time of my birth I was the youngest of 3 children for my birth mother (she would have one more child after me) and I was the youngest of at least 5 children for my birth father. I would like to connect with these siblings if possible. 

I can tell you that from my own research that my bio-genetic families are from North and South Carolina mainly having come from Virginia and England. They quickly spread from the Carolina's to Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee.

I am not sure how my story will unfold as I begin to put words to paper, so to speak or where to go from here in my story. I do know that I will be sharing my DNA results and hoping someone can help me get a better understanding of what I am looking at. It is my hope that one of my half siblings or perhaps another family member will find it and contact me, perhaps help me fill in the pieces of my bio-genetic history. 

Of course, there are details I won't release due to privacy issues and for exclusionary purposes should this blog find its way to any birth family members. I do know that both of my birth parents are deceased. I don't know if three half siblings on my maternal side know that I made contact with our mother nor do I know if they even know about me. I am pretty sure that my paternal half siblings know nothing of my existence nor did our father.

I am trying to decide what kind of weekly and/or monthly posts I want to write. I know that I will definitely be doing Surname Saturday's and I am considering a Fab Find Friday. Time and your feedback will help me determine what else I should talk about.

Happy New Year!



  1. Looking forward to seeing where your journey leads!

  2. Wishing you the best on your journey to find your birth siblings.

  3. As an adoptee who found HER bio-family after 28 years of searching, you have my sincerest blessings, in that you find some siblings that you can connect with. I did, and life as I used to know it has changed dramatically!

  4. Wishing you all the BEST! Here's hoping someone takes a DNA test! Congratulations on your NEW Blog!

    1. Thank you, True! I haven't seen a lot you lately on Facebook, I hope you and your family are doing well!

  5. Dawn...I hope your journey to find your siblings is successful and will continue to read your blog to see how it is going. Good luck!!!

  6. Dawn,

    I want to let you know that your blog is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a great weekend!