Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New Year and a New Name for my Blog!

This is the first year for The Other Side of Scarlet. I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep up with two blogs but I did manage to contribute nearly 60 posts between this blog and Dawning Genealogy. I am certainly aiming to write more posts in the coming year.

There is a big change coming to The Other Side of Scarlet! The change will be in the title of this blog. I realized in the late summer and fall as I worked with several paternal cousins on our shared family lines that the name of this blog just wasn't right. The goal of this blog for me was to explore my birth family, focusing on the stories of my biological ancestors, exploring my DNA and using it to confirm my birth family.  Now, The Other Side of Scarlet will be known as Scarlet and Dawn. This change will begin today. The link will still be the same.

In exploring my DNA this past year two things happened. The first is that I have been following every BSO and the second is I fell into the rabbit hole during the process! I took advantage of a sale at 23 and Me for the health reports after learning that my birth father died of liver cancer and knowing that my birth mother had leukemia when she died of a heart attack. I have now tested with all three major DNA companies. I also took advantage of deal negotiated by Thomas MacEntee for the company GPS Origins.

Starting in 2017 I am going to write a series of posts about working with my cousins and how we used DNA and good old fashioned detective work to confirm our Bessinger family line. I have only recently learned that I have a couple of maternal lines that are Quakers and I am anxious to explore these lines further and will be posting about them later in 2017. 

I want to wish all of my readers a very Happy New Year! Thank you for your support over the last year and I look forward to reading more of your posts throughout 2017!



  1. Sixty posts is fantastic (certainly more than I did this year). Great job and good luck in the New Year! Looking forward to reading about your DNA detective work.