Monday, August 8, 2016

My 23 and Me Results Are In!

During the June DNA sale at all of the testing companies I decided to take advantage of the discount offered at 23 & Me and take their DNA test. I am still processing all of the information from the reports received but I have uploaded the results to Gedmatch so I am letting that percolate for now.

About a year ago I did the mid-level mitochondria test with FamilyTree DNA but that test only said that my maternal haplogroup was H and to explore that further I would need to go up to the next test. However with the test from 23 & Me I now have my maternal haplogroup as H2a2b1 

According to 23 and Me, my DNA Ancestry composition is broken down as follows:

  • European 99.4%
    • Northwest European 91.4%
      • British & Irish 44.3%
      • French & German 11.9%
      • Scandinavian 4.6%
      • Finnish 1.7%
    • Southern European 5.2%
      • Sardinian 1.6%
      • Iberian 0.5%
      • Italian 0.5%
  • East Asia & Native American 0.4%
    • Native American 0.4%
  • Sub-Saharan Africa 0.2%
    • West Africa 0.2%
I find the last two results interesting because it is the first time I am seeing any results in Native American and African ancestry. Neither Ancestry or DNA Land show any results in these two categories. You can see my post about my Ancestry DNA results here.

With 23 and Me you also get all of kinds of reports for different things. I was surprised to find my Neanderthal Ancestry variants was so high, 291 to be exact! I am not entirely sure how I should proceed with these results because it is way above what I currently I understand about DNA. However, I am continuing my reading on DNA and hopefully I can put these results in perspective soon. I guess I am as old or older than dirt! 

I was also surprised to learn that I have one variant for the CFTR gene (Cystic Fibrosis). This would have been nice to know before I had children! Thankfully, I can only presume to think that my children's father was not a carrier otherwise at least one of children could have had Cystic Fibrosis.

I definitely need a genetic tutor but until I can find one reading and taking online DNA classes whenever possible will have to do! I am going to be comparing results from Gedmatch, Ancestry, FamilyTree DNA and 23 & Me in future posts once I get everything pulled together and I am confident in my findings. Stay tuned!

Think we might be related?

You can check your AncestryDNA results with mine at Gedmatch, my kit #A435226.  

You can also check your 23 & Me results with mine at Gedmatch, my kit # M357583.

If you have tested with Family Tree DNA you can check your DNA with mine kit #B16054. Also my mtDNA kit at FamilyTree DNA is kit #401662.


"23 and Me personal results for Dawn Kogutkiewicz", database, 23 and Me ( : accessed 6 August 2016).

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