Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday's Child ~ Me and You ~ An Open Letter To My Birth Siblings

My Dear Siblings,

Hello, my name is Dawn and I am looking for you! I have six paternal half birth siblings our father was Harry. I am also looking for my three maternal half siblings, our mother was Barbara.

Some of you may know of me and some of you may not. I believe our respective parents met in Florida sometime in 1960 and married in 1961. Unfortunately, there was an issue as to the legality of the marriage documents and whether not Harry was still legally married. They went their different ways and Barbara learned she was pregnant with me. I don't think that Harry knew I existed.

I was born in Florida in the summer of 1962. I was adopted by a great couple, who gave me a wonderful life and are great parents. I have known I was adopted for as long as I can remember. I began my search for our respective parents and you in the summer of 1980. My search has been a long one and I can only hope that perhaps I may finally be at the end of this search.

I have often wondered about all of you over the years. Do we look alike? Do I resemble our father or our mother? Do we have the same mannerisms? Do we like the same things? I would love to connect with all of you but time may be running out. I know that at least eight of you are older than me with my paternal siblings were born probably in the late 1930's to about 1950 and my maternal siblings were born probably in the mid 1950's to mid 1960's.

Sadly, Harry passed away in 1984 in South Carolina never knowing that I was looking for him. I found Barbara in 2011 and at the time she was living about an away from me here in SC. I was able to thank Barbara for her courageous decision to have me and put me with a good family. To let her know that she made the right decision and that I had a great life. Sadly, Barbara didn't want a relationship with me, I guess I brought back to many bad memories. She passed away in 2014.

It is not my intention to disrupt your lives or to cause any of you pain. I only wish for the opportunity to learn about our shared heritage. I want to learn our shared family stories and where I come from. I want to explore the possibility of having a relationship with all of you. I want the opportunity to learn about you and for you to learn about me. 

I understand that you may wish to have DNA testing done to prove my relationship to each of you. In an effort to find our respective parents and you, I have already taken two an autosomal DNA test through and a mitochondrial DNA test through FamilyTree DNA which will certainly confirm my maternal siblings. I am happy to provide this information to the genetic specialist of your choosing.

I also understand that you may prefer an intermediary rather than direct contact at this time. This can easily be arranged. I am happy with whatever makes you comfortable. 

In the top left hand corner of my blog my contact information is there. There is also a Contact Box on the left hand side too. You can also contact me by email or on Facebook: 


With love from your sister,


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